Performance and Reliability from your Global Anaesthesia Partner

The newest member of the GE anaesthesia product family, the cost-effective 9100c is designed for both hospital operating rooms and stand-alone surgery centres.  

The 9100c is:

  • Robust and reliable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to manoeuvre in any environment  

The 9100c offers the classic "Datex-Ohmeda* clinical experience" including ventilator controls and clinical touch points. Precise gas delivery with high quality GE Datex-Ohmeda ventilation is included as standard.



Built by a Leader

The 9100c is designed and manufactured in compliance with the strictest GE quality standards.  

With the 9100c, you can:

  • Get constant visual confirmation of function with its intuitive user interface
  • Clean the unit easily thanks to its smooth and durable surfaces  

The 9100c is the ideal solution for customers seeking an affordable, reliable and easy-to-use anaesthesia system. It offers the classic "Datex-Ohmeda* clinical experience" including ventilator controls and clinical touch points.



The 9100c features:

  • Pressure control ventilation: Affordability of the 9100c does not mean compromising on clinical performance. The 9100c is available with both volume control and pressure control ventilation modes. The pressure control on the 9100c is genuine pressure control, not pressure limiting common in some other systems. With the 9100c, the target pressure level is sustained for the remainder of the inspiratory time to improve alveolar gas exchange and enhance oxygenation.  
  • CO2 bypass: Our optional EZchange CO2 bypass system enables the absorbent canister to be removed from the patient circuit without introducing leaks into the breathing system.  
  • ABC: The Advanced Breathing Circuit (ABC) has a very small internal volume (2.6 litres) which, in combination with a non decoupled fresh gas delivery, means the response time to a change in fresh gas flow or fresh gas composition is very fast. The visible ascending bellows provide a constant indication of ventilation status and the adequacy of fresh gas flow.  
  • Precise tidal volume delivery: The AVE-2 ventilator of the 9100c incorporates the same flow valve technology as all other GE anaesthesia systems. The accuracy of this technology combined with the non-decoupled fresh gas compensation system ensures that you always deliver the tidal volume you have set.  
  • Electronic PEEP: The role of PEEP in preventing atelectasis and de-recruitment is well established. The 9100c has electronic PEEP so that accurate levels of PEEP can be set anddelivered to the patient. The electronic pressure measurement and waveform display give a clear indication of the patient’s ventilatory status on a breath-by-breath basis.



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