The CardioDay** Holter software offers high-quality measurement and analysis functions in a simple and easy-to-use system. With CardioDay, the user can quickly and easily compile, send and archive diagnostic reports.

Enjoy network capability and interface with existing patient databases, including CardioSoft*   

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• Windows-Software (XP, Vista, 7)
• User-friendly with integrated user workflow guide
• Fast analyses
• Automatic event detection, sorted according to severity
• Heart rate variability and atrial fibrillation analyses
• Analysis of pacemaker function
• Beat-to-beat QT measurement
• Pre-screening for sleep related disorders
• HRT, DC, TWA and late potential analyses
• Communication interfaces (e.g. HL7, BDT/GDT)
• Comprehensive report and export functions


Recorders to suit every requirement

• 2, 3 or 12 ECG channels options
• Additional simultaneous pacemaker information and trans-thoracic impedance
• Record over a period of up to 10 days
• 12-bit signal resolution and up to 1024 Hz sampling rate
• Automatic testing of battery voltage on start-up
• Open lead monitoring of electrodes
• Data protected even when battery is removed
• Bluetooth® technology for bi-directional data transfer

Interfaces support open communication

• Data import and export using the HL7 standard
• BDT/GDT interface
• XML interface
• Results can be exported in TIFF, PDF, HTML or ASCII format
• Secure data transfer via the Internet and network connections

Analysis tools are easy to use

• Editable QRS and event classification, arranged in hierarchical order according to severity
• Automatic event scanning with configurable sorting criteria
• Heart Rate Variability (HRV) in the time and frequency domain
• Pacemaker analysis – analogue pacemaker detection on CM3000 recorder
• Atrial Fibrillation analysis in the time and frequency domain
• PR, QT and ST analyses
• Sleep Apnoea screening and activity level
• Late Potentials analysis
• T-Wave Alternans (TWA), Deceleration Capacity (DC) and Heart Rate Turbulence (HRT)
• Configurable analysis parameters and final reports