GE offers a comprehensive portfolio of phototherapy products to help you directly treat hyperbilirubinemia. BiliSoft blankets enable you and your patient’s family to wrap, feed, and hold the baby during phototherapy sessions.  BilliSoft blankets come in different sizes and configurations to care for a broad patient range.  


  • Meets AAP Guidelines on hyperbilirubinemia management
    • Small pad irradiance is 35 µW•cm-2•nm-1
    • Large pad irradiance is 50 µW•cm-2•nm-1
  • Broad range of patients:
    • The large pad (10x12 inches) is designed for babies weighing at least 1,500 grams
    • The small pad (6x12 inches) is designed for babies weighing less than 1,500 grams
  • Patient sensitive 
    • Protects baby’s skin with soft, disposable covers made of safe, skin-friendly fabric.
  • Works the way you work
    • Blankets are radiolucent allowing them to remain in place during an X-ray and presenting less therapy interruption.