Vital Signs Qwik Connect Plus Fetal Spiral  Electrode provides accurate fetal heart monitoring that help you effectively care for both mother and baby.  Continuous measurement of the fetal heart beat enables seeing rate variability in relation to uterine contractions during labor helping increase the standard of care during labor.    

Qwik Connect Plus spiral electrodes are designed for optimal functionality with the GE Corometrics monitors and are validated for paired use.  


  • Helps secure the electrode: The locking mechanism secures the electrode during attachment to provide the clinician with a feel for patient attachment.   
  • Positive locking:  The electrode’s wires secured into the application tube until “unlocked” by clinician.   
  • Environmentally sensitive:  Soft pastel shades of pink, blue and lavender are used for the probe to indicate fittings in the other devices and products used in this area.   
  • Use with: 
    • 1590AAO and 1591AAO Qwik Connect Plus cables 
    • 2464AAO disposable attachment pads 
    • 1594AAO leg plate adapter   
  • Compatible with: 
    • GE Corometrics 120 Series