Our transducer probes and belts are designed for monitoring your patient’s uterine activity. Our line of Toco transducers offer a low profile, watertight probe for external pressure (contraction) sensing.  Our Ultrasound Transducer probe employs a 9 crystal design in a convenient shape for sensing fetal heart rate.  Both probes can be secured to the patient with one of our three types of abdominal transducer belts.  All designed with the comfort of your patent in mind.   

Availaibe in disposable foam and resusable mesh and velcro.  


  • Secure: Velcro belt provides a positive means to secure the belt in position. All belts are constructed using materials free of all natural rubber latex
  • Easy to attach: Extended tabs on the Velcro belts slip through loop and secure snugly to the soft belt.