Vital Signs offers a comprehensive portfolio of ECG electrodes, lead wires, cables, and paper designed for GE Healthcare Patient Monitoring and Cardiology equipment.  



  • Electrodes offered for different environments and needs – Resting ECG; Stress and Holter; Monitoring, OR, and Telemetry.  
  • Different size electrodes, in tape, foam, and cloth options, are offered for different applications.   
  • A variety of lead wires are offered in different lengths, including options for 3 lead, 5 lead, 6 lead, and 12 lead, with snap and grabber, AHA and IEC styles.
  • Trunk cables are validated for use with GE Healthcare equipment.
  • Thermal recording paper options for use on different systems using bright white quality paper stock for excellent trace legibility.  Warm red grid for trace legibility; green grid is also available.  
  • End of roll and pack indicator reminds user to change paper.

Multi-Link leadwire