Choose from our 3 distinct lines of anesthesia face masks that offer various styles and features.  30 years ago, Vital Signs produced the first single-use, low pressure face mask in anesthesia. Vital Signs still stands for quality and innovation today. All Vital Signs face masks are single-use, allowing for an economical way to reduce the chance of infections. We offer a full range of sizes that accommodate small infants to large adults.

Anesthesia face masks.


Series F Benefits

Our flexible face mask line features:

  • Soft, pliable faceplates
  • Teardrop-like shape 
  • Superior grip and feel
  • Optional Bubble Gum scent 

Series C Benefits

Our newest line of face masks features:

  • Color-coded prong rings
  • Brilliant clarity
  • Semi-soft faceplates
  • Lightweight design
  • Top valves

Series A Benefits

Our traditional line features:

  • Tail valves (or no valve in smaller sizes)
  • Rigid dome
  • Rounded faceplate

Anesthesia face masks.

Anesthesia face masks, Series C.

Anesthesia face masks, Series A.

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