Experience our Greenlight II laryngoscopes with comfortable, sturdy handles and single-use, SteeLite laryngoscope blades. The LED light source provides a bright source of light to illuminate the airway. SteeLite blades are designed with a shape optimal to sweep the tongue during laryngoscopy and a coined, atraumatic tip to promote patient safety and comfort.

Steelite blades


  • Strength of steel, safety of single-use.
  • Single-use blades eliminate time, cost and effort of reprocessing reusables.
  • Ergonomic, over-molded handles are lightweight and designed to fit clinicians’ hands.
  • Bright LED light rod is covered to shield clinician from back-flash and glare.
  • Compatible with Safe Sac*, a disposable handle sheath that helps keep handle cleaner.

Stubby and Traditional handles.

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