Vital Signs has a complete line of anesthesia circuits specifically designed for the pediatric and neonatal patient.  These products range from 2 limb corrugated hoses that are 15mm in diameter, 2 limb expandable hoses in 15 mm diameter, Jackson-Rees non-rebreathing circuits and neonatal circuits that have 10MM hoses. Our products meet ISO standards and have the 22 mm connections that are required on anesthesia machines.

All of our pediatric and neonatal configurations are available in many options such as filters, HME’s, GAS ports, GAS lines, .5L-1L-2L breathing bags, face masks and more. Additional customization is also available.


  • Smaller lighter wye pieces have less weight and dead space than standard adult wyes, helping to reduce torque on the ET tube.
  • The 10 mm hose neonatal circuit has an integral wye/elbow reducing the dead space to a minimum.
  • Not made with nature rubber latex
  • 100% leak testing on hoses
  • 100% leak testing on breathing bags
  • Ability to customize circuits to your needs