Hemodynamic parameters lay the foundation for patient monitoring. The wide set of GE Healthcare parameter modules allow the tailoring of the monitoring equipment to meet the needs of virtually any clinical situation.

Benefits and Technology


Circulation, oxygen return and temperature in addition to ECG monitoring give a comprehensive view of the hemodynamic status of a patient. With modularity and number of measurement sites the monitoring can be adjusted for different levels of acuity.   

GE DINAMAP* SuperSTAT non-invasive blood pressure algorithm: The innovative GE DINAMAP SuperSTAT algorithm supports speed, comfort and artifact rejection for virtually all types of patients, including neonates with very low perfusion pressures, geriatrics and hyper/hypo tensive patients.   Invasive blood pressure providing pressure waveform and numeric values for systolic, diastolic and mean pressure.


Invasive Blood Pressure

The CARESCAPE* Patient Data Module provides up to four invasive blood pressure channel, where Patient Side Module (E-PSM) features two channels. If required, the number of channels can be increased with E-PP, E-PT or E-COP modules. Blood pressure waveform and numeric values give continuous view on the pressure status and all channels can be quickly and easily zeroed with a direct key in the measurement module.

Cardiac Output and SvO2

Cardiac Output helps in assessing the fluid status of the patient as well as blood flow and volume. In GE monitors the thermodilution method is provided with CARESCAPE* Patient Data Module, and separate Cardiac Output modules (E-COP/E-COPSv). These separate modules (E-COP/E-COPSv) enable monitoring of right ventricle ejection fraction (REF) as well. Our Dash monitor also features impedance cardiography (ICG), BioZ technology from CardioDynamics, which provides less invasive Cardiac Output measurement along with other parameters.

Non-invasive Blood Pressure

GE DINAMAP* SuperSTAT non-invasive blood pressure algorithm and GE Datex-Ohmeda NIBP algorithm both utilize an oscillometric measurement method. GE DINAMAP SuperSTAT algorithm beat detection is linked with ECG monitoring contributing to speed and artifact rejection.   

NIBP measurement can be done automatically in frequent intervals to support decision making. The large selection of cuffs from GE Healthcare helps in finding the optimum cuff for each patient. 

Tailored Temperature Monitoring

Temperature can be monitored continuously with CARESCAPE* Patient Data Module, Patient Side Module (E-PSM) and separate single width module (E-PT). The number of measurement sites and available sensors allow tailoring the monitoring based on the needs of the care area and clinical situation.   

CARESCAPE V100 monitor is a solution for vital signs spot check needs, which delivers exceptional speed and accuracy. It features Alaris**Turbo Temp** thermometry, from Care Fusion Corp., that provides fast oral and rectal temperatures.