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Complex cardiovascular and endovascular procedures do not require complex solutions. You want a hybrid OR solution that brings high-definition vascular imaging and flexibility in an environment where you can be comfortable.


Moving beyond EVAR
Discover how GE Healthcare’s OEC mobile hybrid OR is expanding opportunities in endovascular surgery. In an exclusive e-book, “Moving Beyond EVAR” Professor Haulon describes his advanced endovascular procedures using the motorized OEC 9900 Elite MD.

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Optimizing complex endovascular procedures in an integrated operating room
Understand how a  full GE OR suite solution brings:

  • Flexibility to OR facilities at St. George’s Vascular Institute.
  • Decreased operating times.
  • A slight reduction in radiation doses.
  • Improved monitoring options.

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Professor Stephen Haulon

On the leading edge of vascular surgery, Prof. Stephan Haulon is considered a pioneer of new techniques for endovascular surgery.

After starting a general and vascular surgery residency at the Lille University Hospital in 2000, he defended his PhD-thesis in Biomaterial research in 2002. The same year, he left for a research endovascular fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, under the leadership of Dr. Roy K. Greenberg. Stephan Haulon was invited to chair the vascular surgical department of Lille University Hospital in 2009.

Today Prof. Haulon has moved beyond EVAR performing a range of advanced endovascular procedures including arch repair with branched endografts, thorocoabdominal repair, and juxtarenal repair with fenestrated endografts.

Professor Matt Thompson

St George’s is a large university teaching hospital in the southwest of London, serving a population of around four million people. The hospital has over nine hundred beds, making it one of the countries principal teaching hospitals. St George’s provides services for many specialties including vascular surgery, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery and renal transplantation. Professor Matt Thompson is the Professor of Vascular Surgery at St Georges Vascular Institute (SGVI). His clinical interests are in the treatment of complex aortic disease and minimally invasive vascular surgery in which the SGVI has an international reputation.

Research interests include health service outcome research, clinical trials and translational investigations into aortic disease. Professor Thompson is the editor of the Oxford Textbook of Vascular Surgery. He is the Secretary of the British Society for Endovascular Therapy and a Council Member of the Vascular Society.