Descripción general de producto

Basado en nuestra revolucionaria familia de sistemas móviles de rayos X AMX, Optima XR220amx lleva los equipos de radiografía digital donde usted lo necesite . 

La pieza clave en estos sistemas portátiles avanzados es FlashPad*, nuestro detector digital inalámbrico de última generación. Diseñado para obtener la productividad, calidad de imagen y funcionalidad de una sala de RAD donde usted lo necesite. Los sistemas Optima XR220amx introducen mejoras frente a sus predecesores:

• Adquisición avanzada de imágenes digitales  
• Más  potencia en un diseño compacto 
• Disponibilidad las 24 del día, los 7 días de la semana; no es necesario reiniciar el equipo 
• Carga automática 
• Mayor capacidad de almacenamiento


Descripción general de los sistemas Optima XR220amx 

Altos cargos de GE hablan acerca del Optima XR220amx


Optima XR220amx offers enhancements designed, in part, from the suggestions of technologists, physicians and administrators alike.

Downsized and Downright Powerful
Smaller than its predecessor, Optima XR220amx contains a more powerful generator.

24/7 Availability
The Optima XR220amx remains on standby and is ready to work even while charging. No boot-up is required.

Uninterrupted Work
Thanks to “Smart Charge” automatic-charging algorithms, you can recharge Optima XR220amx and continue taking exposures.

Stow while Charging
Our wireless digital detector, FlashPad, automatically charges while stowed in its bin, so technologists can maintain focus on patient care.

Work Simply, Quickly
Optima XR220amx offers an intuitive touchscreen that helps simplify operations.

Easy to Clean
Optima XR220amx is designed with a surface that will help your staff save time cleaning it.

Storage, Storage, Storage
Optima XR220amx contains additional storage, giving your staff a place to store tape, pens, wipes, markers, and more in roomy storage trays.

Patient-Friendly Look
You can enhance the appearance of Optima XR220amx by adding optional cover designs featuring pleasing artwork for a touch of humanity.


The Optima XR220amx gives you tools to help improve your department’s productivity, while enhancing the overall experience for your staff and patients.

  • Wireless connectivity from detector to system
  • FlashPad detector designed for mobile use – 2 handles offer a secure grip
  • “Stand-by” mode eliminates boot up cycles and allows exposure within 25 seconds Designed for 24/7 availability
  • Use with battery or make and process exposures while the unit is charging
  • Detector battery can take up to 50 exposures per hour and provide enough power for 3 hours of use on a single charge
  • Detector battery charges automatically while the detector is in the bin
  • Automatic charging algorithms allow the system to be re-charged even if batteries are not fully drained
  • Simplfied user interface  – Technique, image acquisition and display tools in a single integrated user interface
  • Commonly used tools pallet available in all image processing screens
  • Dose Reports can be downloaded from the system
  • The detector can be used in additional wireless enabled GE radiographic systems: please refer to the current literature for system compatibility 
  • Average system charge time of 3 hours
  • System can be driven within 4 seconds of activation
  • Pre-programmed techniques per anatomy and patient size
  • System can be used without the detector for manual film or CR exposures
  • Reprocessing of images allow multiple “looks” selection with configurable display parameters
  • Modality Perform Procedure Step (MPPS; SPS/PPS configurable)
  • Automated and customizable image transfer to PACS and printers
  • Worklist can be retrieved from HIS/RIS systems and images can be transmitted through the DICOM interface to printers, archival devices (PACS), servers or review workstations


The Optima XR220amx is a self-contained battery operated mobile radiographic digital x-ray imaging system designed for performing radiographic exams at the point of care when it is not safe or practical to move the patient to the radiographic room. 

Optima XR220amx is suited for routine radiographic procedures within a hospital including radiology departments, intensive care units, cardiac care units, emergency departments, operating rooms, orthopedics, pediatrics, hospital rooms and clinics. 

Wireless Digital Detector

FlashPad Wireless Digital Detector

FlashPad* is GE’s next-generation wireless digital detector.  It is designed for digital use and built for reliability.  FlashPad is the first wireless detector to operate with Ultra-Wideband connectivity.  It communicates independently on a dedicated channel – so data is transferred with speed and reliability.    

At GE, we understand that you need to do more with the equipment you have.  FlashPad enables advanced application on premium GE radiography systems.  Even if you’re not using advanced applications today, FlashPad allows you that capability in the future by offering an investment protection.