See. Your way. Clearly.

The Innova* IGS 540 unites image quality, a large field of view for vascular and interventional imaging, built-in protocols and advanced imaging features, making it well-suited for a wide range of procedures. With it you can set, customize, manage and personalize radiation dose exposure efficiently - while maintaining exceptional image quality.

Clinical image acquired on Innova 4100 IQ

The Innova IGS 540 offers:

  • Excellent anatomical coverage with the largest detector size of the Innova Family:  41cm x 41cm detector boasts a large field of view for vascular and interventional imaging, covering more anatomy with fewer runs than smaller detectors for efficient use of contrast and dose
  • Excellent image quality with a comprehensive set of image acquisition and processing management tools to truly cater to your procedure
  • Choose among multiple acquisition possibilities with Fluoro, Innova CT, Innova 3D, DSA and more
  • More than 20 advanced applications tailored by procedure
  • Multimodality images display and management to increase the information available in real time
  • Simple control of the system and images with Innova’s integrated and intuitive tableside controls to trim your workflow so you can focus on the patient
  • Flexible gantry design to accommodate a wide range of room designs with monitor and table positioning designed for ease in patient access
  • Service capabilities that can identify and resolve service events before you even notice them



Trim Your Workflow

Tableside Controls: Simple. Centralized. Automated.

Control your system and images with Innova’s integrated, intuitive tableside controls. GE’s exclusive Send Angle feature automatically sends the gantry to the correct position helping to save time.

Clinical image acquired on Innova 4100 IQ

Easy and Convenient 3D Acquisition, Guidance and Navigation

  • Help avoid retakes and cover full anatomies with its large volume 3D.
  • Analyze and plan procedures using the AW Workstation.
    • Compare 3D acquisitions from other modalities, including CT, MR and PET, with full processing and control right at tableside.
    • Simultaneously display a multi-volume load of several Innova 3D and Innova CT images, or compare Innova CT images to multimodality images.
    • Register 3D volumes from multiple modalities to increase the information available in real time during interventions.
  • Overlay 3D models on your live fluoro and guide your catheters in complex and tortuous anatomy with Innova Vision in-room overlay.
  • Choose any other multi-modality pre-acquired 3D models (CT, MR) to overlay on fluoro without the need of an Innova 3D acquisition, potentially saving dose and contrast media injection.

All-in-one Large Display Monitor

Increase size with zooming ability on the Large Display Monitor:

  • Display multiple images from multiple sources
  • Zoom in without loss of detail or pixilation
  • Get 120 customized layouts easily changeable at tableside

Peripheral Vascular

See. Your way. Clearly.

Innova IGS has been designed with GE's latest technologies and its advanced applications will help enable you to extend capabilities as your practice evolves.

Below the knee

With its 41x41cm detector a single image can cover both legs, while being able to image thin vessel with high quality imaging.

Plan Guide Assess
Determine the appropriate treatment for long infrapopliteal lesions. InnovaBreeze* is a substrated peripheral vascular imaging technique that lets you follow the contrast bolus in real time with a variable-planning-rate control. 41-cm detector allows you to chase and capture bolus in both legs - even with differing flow rates - potentially reducing contrast and radiation dose. Drive devices confidently across tortuous, thin, fragile vessels. Innova Vision enhances visualization of both the 2D fluoroscopic and 3D images from Innova 3D, CT or MR. Assessing the deployment of stents is critical for minimizing the risk of future adverse events.

Uterine Fibroid Embolization

Plan Guide Assess
Innova3D or any other 3D pre-acquired 3D modality imaging Guide your catheter in complex and delicate areas. Assess embolization of the Fibroid. Post-op CT, Innova CT

Clinical image acquired on Innova 4100 IQ

Interventional Oncology

Targeting Treatments with Confidence for Endovascular Procedures

GE’s Image Guided Systems (IGS) for Interventional Radiology showcase excellent image quality, exceptional dose efficiency, and the tools you need to help plan, guide and assess with confidence.

Plan Guide Assess
It's critical to discriminate the arterial pedicles feeding a tumor. Integrated Registration on Advantage Workstation* VolumeShare provides easy comparison of 3D images from CT, MR, PET, SPECT, and Innova CT data. Drive devices confidently across tortuosities and bifurcations. Clinicians must know exactly where they are in the vessel tree. Innova Vision, enhances visualization of both the 2D fluoroscopic and 3D images from Innova 3D, CT, or MR. Assess your procedure with integrated registration providing easy comparison and registration of 3D anatomical images from multiple modalities.

Progress with Confidence

InnovaTrackVision is an advanced application that provides real-time guidance capabilities to support needle interventions. Visualize needle advancement in real time based on X-ray images fused with predefined 3D trajectories and 3D anatomy.

Plan Guide Assess
Plan bone procedures using trajectory planning and Innova CT. Guide bone procedures using InnovaTrackVision. Assess bone procedures using Innova CT.

Navigate During Complex Needle-based Procedures

The Veran IG4** system’s four-dimensional capabilities allow the system to capture and display three-dimensional images that take respiratory motion into account. You can take advantage of advanced visualization integrated with your instrumentation to provide real-time feedback – to assist with confidence in planning complex procedures.

Clinical image acquired on Innova 4100 IQ

Hybrid OR

Within the Hybrid OR, the Innova IGS 540 expands your capabilities.

  • Conduct more procedures in one room with flexible patient access.
  • See more, clearly with excellent anatomical coverage and detector efficiency.
  • Enhance confidence with advanced imaging capabilities and a solution that meets aseptic requirements.
  • Simplify installation with a floor-mounted solution that fits your OR.

Flexibility: One Room, Multiple Uses

  • The adaptive system positioning enables flexible patient access for cut down management, during imaging and for open surgery configurations.
  • The OR table is designed to be protected against ingress of liquid and complies with leakage currents limits according to the international standard for operating table (IEC 60601-2-46).
  • Table accessories are easy to manipulate during open surgery , helping anesthesia management and patient comfort.
  • Innova integrates easily in the OR environment meeting asceptic requirements and compatible with laminar flow.


Plan Guide Assess
Understand patient anatomy and plan appropriate therapy strategy. Obtain visualization of anatomy and key measurements with VesselIQ* Xpress; manipulate CT or Innova 3D images at tableside. Use visualization techniques to help navigate in the anatomy and deliver planned therapy. Get real time guidance with Blended Roadmap, Innova Vision technologies and direct control from tableside. Perform postoperative assessment and annual surveillance with postoperative DSA or Innova 3D Imaging, and monitor the size of the aneurysm sac with VesselIQ Xpress.

Clinical image acquired on Innova 4100 IQ

Clinical Images

Plan uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) with Integrated Registration Guide uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) with Innova Vision Assess uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) using pre- and post-op DSA
Plan your cementoplasty using the Trajectory Planning tool from Innova TrackVision Guide your cementoplasty with Innova TrackVision Assess your cementoplasty with Innova CT
Plan your transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) with Integrated Registration Guide your transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) with Innova Vision Assess your transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) with Innova CT

Clinical image acquired on Innova 4100 IQ

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