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Vscan™ is a handheld, pocket-sized ultrasound tool that provides real-time black-and-white anatomic and color-coded blood flow images at the touch of a button.

Vscan enables a quick look inside your patients – immediately and non-invasively. With Vscan you can visually confirm what you hear and feel to help:

  • Enhance the physical exam and strengthen your clinical confidence
  • Visualize organ function and make diagnoses quickly and confidently
  • Connect more deeply with your patients for excellent care

Download Vscan View Magazine to view highlights from experienced users of Vscan.


Product activation for Vscan owners

Before you begin the process of activating a Vscan device or gateway software, please locate the "Vscan Getting Started" guide. This double-sided quick reference guide can be found in a white envelope in the box that contained your Vscan product.

After locating the "Vscan Getting Started" guide, please follow the initial steps for activation.  

Download the Product Activation Instructions

Fill out the Activation Form


Clinical Applications

Vscan clinical applications

Vscan is used by healthcare professionals including cardiologists, general practitioners, OB/GYN, primary care emergency physicians and intensivists. Vscan is used in a wide variety of settings from hospitals in large cities to clinics in rural areas or for use as an education tool at medical schools. 

It offers high-quality imaging that is indicated for abdominal, urological, cardiac, obstetric and pediatric scanning – helping you provide efficient patient care with fewer referrals. 



Support – at your fingertips

GE offers on-line tools to help you get started in using your Vscan device – including clinical reference tools and product support material.

Product Support Tools

Below you will find information to help you learn the basic functionality, knobology and general maintenance so you can immediately begin using your Vscan device. 

Introduction to Vscan

You will need to determine if your Vscan is a 1.1 or 1.2 device.  If your product is a 1.2, your dial will have a black inner circle. 1.1 devices have a white inner circle (as shown in the photos below).

For Vscan 1.2 owners
Download the Product Users Manual: v1.2
Download the Product Users Quickcard

For Vscan 1.1 owners
Download the Product Users Manual: v1.1
Download the Product Users Quickcard

Speak With a Vscan User

Speak with a Vscan user

An important step in the evaluation of a new product is to speak with users regarding their overall satisfaction and the benefits they have experienced. 

GE Healthcare can facilitate a discussion between you and a Vscan and/or Vscan with Dual Probe user. Please click here to complete a form and a GE Representative will contact you. Based on the type of information you have requested, we will identify the name of an appropriate Vscan user for you to speak with.

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